Shipping Information

Alaska Furniture Supply is operated in partnership between Greatland and Shop+Deliver, a personal shopping and delivery service based in Anchorage.  Items purchased through the site consist of retail furniture items which are not typically available for shipping to Alaska.  Our service operates as a last mile delivery provider as items are procured in lower 48 markets upon purchase by customers, barged to Alaska, and finally made available for collection in Anchorage, local delivery, or organized for secondary shipment to locations across the State.

All items purchased on the Alaska Furniture Supply site are fully insured and replaceable in the event of damage during transit either en-route to Alaska or through secondary logistics to the items’ final destination.  All items are thoroughly inspected and prepared in a manner to safely withstand the elements of Alaska transportation.  Customers are kept informed about order status through email as items are shipped to Alaska, available for collection, or reshipped to rural Alaska locations.

Items purchased through Alaska Furniture Supply are initially transported via barge or, less commonly, through air freight to Alaska.  While items purchased on our storefront are sourced weekly, depending on the method of shipment selected during checkout and the items’ final destination, it may take up to three weeks for purchased items to arrive at your location.  On occasion, items sold at Alaska Furniture Supply may not be immediately available during weekly sourcing trips.  In these occurrences, we will notify you of any potential delay.

Pricing for furniture listed on the site is the sale price for items collected by customers in Anchorage.  Additional charges are applied during checkout if your order will ultimately be shipped to locations outside of Anchorage or delivered locally.  Once your order is submitted, you will be kept informed of your progress through regular email communications.  These notices will inform you of shipment from the lower 48 to Anchorage, availability to collect your items once received in Anchorage, and/or notice with tracking information when your item ships from Anchorage to your location as applicable.

Returns are not accepted through Alaska Furniture Supply unless purchased items are incorrectly supplied.  All furniture sales are final once item has been sourced from our utilized suppliers.  If you are looking for logistics support getting items not shown on our site from the lower 48 to Alaska (large or small!), please contact Shop+Deliver directly for a custom quote.